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The Georgia Writers’ Bloc was founded in September 2010 as an informal collective of graduate students and professors in the University of Georgia’s History Department.  We are interested in exploring our roles as writers and authors within (and extending beyond) the discipline of history. We meet not only to improve the line-by-line quality of our writing, but also to trace and push against the boundaries of the history genre.


  • Andrew Epstein
  • Jason Manthorne
  • Angie Alexander
  • Tom Okie
  • Sean Vanatta
  • Angela Elder
  • Dan Du
  • Franklin Sammons
  • Hannah Waits
  • Josh Haynes
  • Julia Long
  • Kathi Nehls
  • Kevin Young
  • Kyle Osborn
  • Laura Davis
  • Leisha Meade
  • Robby Poister
  • Stephen Berry
  • Tim Johnson
  • Trae Welborn
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